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聖詩史源考 – 卓忠敬

聖詩史話 – 姜建邦

聖詩合參 –林列

聖詩漫談(一,二) - 劉福群

聖詩典考 - 王神蔭

聖詩名曲漫談 – 紀哲生

中華牧師 – 郭乃惇

詩人與詩歌(一,二) - 史伯誠

歲首到年終 – 黃瑞西

讚美詩史話 -  王神蔭

詩歌中的信息 – 施達雄

歌與星的故事 – 莊祖儀

心和歌集 – 趙君影

山地青年莊春榮 - 郭乃惇

靈韶詩集 – 楊伯倫

聖樂世界 – 鄭敏熙

A Hymn Is Born - Clint Bonner

A Treasure of Hymns  - Amos R. Wells

Amazing Grace - Kenneth W. Osbeck

Annotations upon Popular Hymns – Charles Seymour Robinson

Best Loved Hymn Stories –Robert Harvey

Bliss, P. P., Songwriter – William Guest

Christian Hymnody –E. E. Ryden

Companion to Baptist Hymnal – William J. Reynolds

Crusade Hymn Stories – Cliff Barrows

Devotionals from Famous Hymn Stories – Lindsay I. Terry

Famous Hymns and their Writers – Michael Daves

Famous Hymns of the World – Allan Sutherland

Famous Stories of Inspiring Hymns – Ernest K. Emurian

Forty Stories of Famous Gospel Songs – Ernest K. Emurian

Great Hymn Stories  (Ambassador Book)

Handbook of The Monnonite Hymnary – Lester Hostetler

Hymn Notes for Church Bulletins – Austin C. Lovelace

Hymn Stories of the Twentieth Century – William J. Hart

Hymnal Companion - Joan A. Fyock

Hymnal Companion to the Lutheran Book of Worship – Marilyn Kay Stulken

In This Sanctuary – Twila Parts with Robert Webber

Living Stories of Famous Hymns – Ernest K. Emurian

More Hymn Stories – Carl F. Price

My Life & the Story of the Gospel Hymns  - Ira D. Sankey

O Worship the King – John MacArthur, Joni Eareckson Tada. Robert & Bobbie


One Hundred & One Famous Hymns – Charles Johnson

Our God Reigns – Phil Christensen & Shari MacDonald

Praise Him – Les Sussman

Presbyterian Hymnal Companion – Lindajo H. Mckim

Singing with Understanding  - Harry Eskew & Hugh T. McElrath

Songs in the Night – Henry Gariepy

Songs of Glory - William J. Reynolds

Songs That Lift the Heart – George Beverly Shea

Spiritual Moments with the Great Composers – Patrick Kavanaugh

Stories Behind Popular Songs and Hymns – Lindsay L. Terry

Stories of Favorite Hymns – Kathleen Blanchard

Stories of the Christian Hymns – Helen Salem Rizk

Stories of the Great Hymns of the Church – Silas H. Paine

Stories of Our Hymns – Armin Haeussler

The Birth of a Hymn –Keith Schwanz

The One Year Book of Hymns –Robert K. Brown & Mark R. Norton

The Rise & Growth of English Hymnody – Harvey B. Marks

The Rock and Roll Rebellion - Mark Joseph

The Story of our Hymns – Armin Haeussler

This is My Story, This is My Song – Fanny Crosby

Turn Your Radio On – Ace Collins

Who’s Who of Hymn Writers – Ronald W. Thomson

52 Hymn Stories Dramatized - Kenneth W. Osbeck

101 Hymn Stories – Kenneth W. Osbeck

101 More Hymn Stories – Kenneth W. Osbeck

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